Mike Wolski

I started working in the pest control industry in 1986. After a brief hiatus, I returned to the pest control industry in 1992. I began my career in earnest, working in the termite division. At that time, I was also responsible for inspecting properties. I am acutely experienced in finding active termite infestations in and around properties. I was awarded technician of the year (an in-house award) while working in this department. Prior to starting Wolski Brothers Pest Control, the majority of my experience has been spent as a residential/commercial/industrial technician in the industry with one year as a quality assurance manager. I absolutely love being a “bugman”. The following is an overview of my time in pest control.
I was moved to a commercial pest control route in 1993. Some of the clients I was responsible for include the University of NE Medical Center, Con Agra Frozen Foods, Con Agra flour mills, Iowa School for the Deaf. My responsibilities included everything from fumigating railcars headed out of state to treating sensitive areas such as the NICU.
During this time I was contracted to service dozens of restaurants from fast food franchises to fine dining. I became skilled at problem solving in these trying environments. I would always try to use an integrated pest management approach, which is combination of sanitary improvements, structural improvements and lastly chemical applications. During this time the industry started developing low impact bait materials. I started including these materials with great success in restaurants and Omaha Housing properties.
I have taken several “Green Program “courses over the years. These type of programs are tailored individually for clients who may have an aversion to chemical applications all together or may want low impact naturally occurring materials or just materials to be used in as a judicious manner. I have taken the Purdue University correspondence courses for pest control and food plant pest control.
Over the years I have become knowledgeable of the industries third party auditors and have completed successful audits with Silliker, AIB, ASI, BRC, and SQF 2000.
In addition to my years as a field technicians it has been my distinct privilege to instruct new technicians in the ins and outs of the industry.
My years of experience also includes performing the duties of Quality Assurance Manager. In the capacity I traveled to different facilities throughout the country and assessed our programs, met with our customers and helped technicians solve lingering problems at problematic accounts.
I have been awarded our in house technician of the year three time over the years and have been nominated as a national commercial technician of the year to PCT (pest control technologies) magazine.