Residential Services

Pests are sources for disease and can cause serious damage to your home. The good news is the professionals at Wolski Brothers Pest Control have the tools to keep your home and family safe.
We are a local/family owned business whose strength lies in our ability to identify pest problems and develop solutions to fit your specific needs.
Every household and every season presents unique challenges. This fact combined with our years of experience allows us to treat each customer according to their needs. In so doing it spares you needless expense and provides a custom solution to your pest control concerns.
Overviews of our general services appear at right. We will discuss costs over the phone but without a thorough inspection we are reluctant to provide any misleading information. We take pride in having no hidden fees.

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Exterior Service Only

This includes exterior application and web removal. It is designed for insect and spider control within several feet of the house foundation. Costs are based on contract. Many companies offer a flat rate and this can lead to you being overcharged. That is why we provide the most cost effective estimage based on your needs and square footage. Why over pay for services you don’t need? Get a solution that meets your needs and have the peace of mind that we want to be the best value in pest control.

Whole House Protection

Includes insect and rodent control of all interior areas of the house as well as the exterior application and web removal. Interior rodent traps will be placed in the garage and other areas that may conducive to rodent activity. Attic applications will be made as necessary for control of things such as silverfish. Bedbugs and fleas will not be covered in normal service and an additional cost will be applied for these services. A complete estimate of all fees will be provided before service is performed that way you will know exactly what you are paying for upfront.

Service Packages

Wolski Brothers Pest Control provides a tier of services designed to meet a wide variety of needs. All services will be conducted on a contractual basis and can be implemented after a FREE initial inspection. Real-estate transactions are excluded from FREE inspection and will be pro-rated based on square footage and proximity.

One Time Service

Available to deal with a wide variety of insects and rodent issues. Services based on an hourly rate of $85.00 per hour with a thirty day guarantee. Follow-up inspection of these jobs may be necessary as severe infestations may not be able to be resolved with a single treatment. Initial inspection will performed at no charge for non-real estate transactions.

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Why us?

Wolski Brothers Pest Control is a full-service local/family-owned service company dedicated to providing reliable, effective solutions to pest problems – solutions designed to safeguard both your well-being and the environment.
It’s no surprise, bugs and rodents can carry disease, and even one tiny creature can be an indicator of a much larger problem. Whether you own a home or business or are in the process of purchasing either, Wolski Brothers Pest Control has a plan to meet your needs.
Built on trust, and powered by expertise, Wolski Brothers Pest Control partners with home and business owners to provide tailored strategies meant just for you. Call today for a FREE consultation. Because one pest is too many.

We pride ourselves on being the
best value in residential pest control.